Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Thanks

In the ethos of Thanksgiving it's time to give some thanks and reveal what everyone should be thankful for this year, around the Big East and beyond:
  • Corey Chandler. The best player on Rutgers, he is a bulldog on defense and sparkplug on offense. He needs more minutes but be thankful that you get a chance to see him play
  • Bobby Gonzalez: The Seton Hall coach may not be the most well liked coach in the tri-state area (not with Fred Hill getting sanctified by every local HS coach) but unlike Hill, Gonzo is getting it done. He already upset one top 20 team this year and the Pirates are looking better than pre-season expectations. But most of all be thankful every time he gets near a microphone or recorder
  • Johnny Flynn: Flash, as I like to call him, is quickly turning into the best point guard in the conference and has already led the Orange to some huge wins this season
  • Stan Heath: South Florida fans should be thankful that their program is in his capable hands
  • Hasheem Thabeet: His offensive game is coming around to match his defensive exploits. And that's SCARY
  • Hamady N'diaye: Quite possibly the happiest person I have ever met, and one of the most exciting players in the nation
  • Terrence Williams: The best player on a deep and well-rounded Louisville team, so that's saying something
  • Keno Davis: For making Providence an offensive juggernaut so far in this early season (only one time under 83 points)
  • North Carolina: No matter what team you root for, save Duke, you should be thankful for the show the Tar Heels will put on this season
  • Kyle McAlarney: For his smooth jump shot
Danny is thankful for:
  • Mike Rosario: I think everyone knows why by this point
  • Making Rutgers basketball worth showin up for again
And of course there are the Turkeys:
  • Stephon Marbury: is an explanation really necessary?
Danny's Turkeys
  • Chad Ocho Cinco
  • Bobby Gonzo for his whole episode with Adam Zagoria

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