Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Morning Run

Yesterday was national signing day and the Scarlet Knights signed two forwards in Dane Miller and Austin Johnson and there will be more up about that later on, including a special signing day Morning Run. But for now check out these links

The New Jersey Devils seem to have some in-fighting going on in their locker room. It's not about their play or arguments about who will replace Marty Brodeur in net. It's about the music

Adam Zagoria talks to several just signed recruits from NJ about the recruiting process

Mets fans rejoice, Francisco Rodriguez will not be returning to the Angels

Thought you'd seen the last of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin? Not so fast. Looks like there is a chance she might be in the spotlight, but leaving the political ring for the squared circle

The economy is the worst its been since the Great Depression. The NJ Nets are the worst they have been since Jason Kidd was a Sun. Unemployment is steadily rising and Nets fans are quickly decreasing (well, more than usual). Looks like the Nets marketing staff might have a solution

The final days of Yankee Stadium (in picture form)

Does Donte Greene regret not being at Syracuse? Not really

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