Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning Run

A lot has happened since our last morning run. Namely, we have a new president-elect. We figured to celebrate, we'd do our best for Barack Obama and get the best batch of links yet. It's also going to be a super sized version to make up for yesterday.

UCLA is still the class of the Pac-10, but watch out for this sleeper team that lost its best player from last year

How a Democrat in the White House could help Yankee fans

Some are comparing new Louisville Cardinal and St. Benedicts product Samardo Samuels to Derrick Caracter. ESPN's Dana O'Neil has an interesting story following the path of both

Former Knicks coach Larry Brown is coming back to NY for the first time since being fired. Here are a smatter of stories looking at that:

Marbury has his say
A $22 million haircut
Larry Brown hates NY

Obama's victory may give Chicago more than just a President

Rutgers is asking for your help and it's not for a silly stadium, it's for a good cause

The Rutgers women's basketball had an exhibition game last night and the Star Ledger's M.A. Mehta tells you what to take away from it

Looks like the Chicago White Sox GM and the new president are friends

Steve Nash Backs Change

Brian Johnson is a big story out in Utah

Tim Duncan wanted to help you out on election day

And of course, what kind of journalists would we be without a few day after stories about the election

The headline story in Arizona, from azcentral
The Chicago Tribune documents Barack Obama's new life
Last night in photos
Obama will be facing a challenge
Finally, what the Onion has to say

Now go enjoy your post-election day hangover

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