Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Analysis of the Rosario Report

--The very first part of his game that jumps out at me is his lack of a quick first step..
--But, Rosario does have a quick release.
--He sometimes gets greedy from beyond the arc.
--Most likely his worst asset is his questionable decision making.
--He tries to use a two-handed running jump shot from ten feet and in.
--Rosario has a good cross-over move to create shooting space
--On defense Rosario likes to gamble.

Those were Mr. Vorkunov’s 7 points in breaking down the game of Rutgers freshman shooting guard Mike Rosario. Here are my thoughts on each aspect of Rosario’s game.

In terms of a lack of a quick first step, I’d say that Rosario looks slower than your average guard because his moves are smooth and deceptively quick at the same time. While you will not see the explosive jab step out of triple-threat position that you will from Anthony Farmer, one can’t be oblivious to the fact that Rosario’s driving abilities look eerily similar to that of Quincy Douby. The styles are nearly identical, mannerisms and exaggerated movement tendencies included.

I agree with point two wholeheartedly. This quick release is what will make Rosario so dangerous all year long. In a crowd, he can still get a shot off and no player will be able to catch him off a curl before he lets the ball go.

As for getting greedy behind the arc, I have no problem with that. All good shooters are inherently at least mildly greedy. If you shoot until you make it, but can catch fire once you do, by all means, take shots.

Questionable decision-making will plague any second-game freshman. Post passing will come to him as he develops his ball movement skills, but this is a secondary concern.

The two-handed runner is part of his repertoire, but don’t be surprised to see a little Douby floater action with one hand leaning toward the baseline. It’s something the two worked on over the summer.

The cross over is an amazing compliment to the quick release and could make Rosario an elite scorer down the line. Not only can he shoot by working away from the ball, but he can create opportunities with his handling.

I know it’s a bore to return to Douby for the third time in this argument, but gambling in the passing lanes is something he did very well too. Rosario will scale back on this come Big East play because he can’t rely on the frontcourt the entire season when they have to deal with some of the best post players in the nation night-in and night-out.
Rosario will be a special player for the Scarlet Knights while he is on the Banks and is certainly a potential Top 5 candidate for Big East Rookie of the Year if he can continue to play at a high level.

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