Monday, November 3, 2008

The Morning Run

By now you know how this works. We run around the internet finding the best links and stories. You sit at your computer and read them with a cup of coffee and a donut.

The college basketball season gets started today as Duke takes on Presbyterian

The Team That Shall Not Be Named finally got their first win, Sonics fans drown themselves in mocha lattes

Mitch Lawrence of the NY Daily News gives his thoughts on the on-going Marbury saga

St. John's wins the Big East in men's soccer, gets story in Daily News. Will Norm Roberts' boys get this much attention?

A look at the Knicks from a non-NY point of view

The election is tomorrow and we here at the Big Beast IMPLORE you to go vote, regardless for whom. But here's a funny SNL skit that shows John McCain trying to win the youth vote

Vegas released its betting odds for the upcoming college basketball season. UNC leads the way at 3-1. Louisville leads the way in the Big East at 12-1. Seton Hall gets on the board at 1500-1. Rutgers? Vegas wants you to save your money.

Florida had a down year last season. Some could point to a loss of the core that led the Gators to two straight titles, but ESPN's Dana O'Neil points to a lack of humility from the highly unprovent team as a cause:
Donovan could have been the slickest salesman in the world, but he would have had an easier time convincing his players to wear short shorts than trying on a little humility. The 2008 Gators waltzed onto a campus where college basketball players were rock stars; where Joakim Noah could wear a muumuu to class and people would defend, rather than ridicule, him; where the job was so good the head coach nixed the elevator ride to the NBA. Forget that of the '07 Florida team, only two players returned; forget that the bulk of the roster was made up of newly minted college freshmen. Dude, this was Florida, where football champions begat basketball champions begat football champions begat basketball champions. "We figured we could just show up," point guard Jai Lucas said.
Pittsburgh is moving leading scorer Sam Young from small forward to shooting guard. Coach Jamie Dixon needs his perimeter shooting with a dearth of reliable shooting from its backcourt, a possible fallacy for the Panthers this year.

One of my favorite sports events was held yesterday, the NYC Marathon. Brit Paula Radcliffe had another great showing, winning the event for the third time, but there was some somber news

Allen Iverson made his home in Philadelphia for over a decade. Now comes news that the Nugget is about to become a vagabond and get traded once again

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