Friday, November 21, 2008

Quick Cali Update

San Francisco, Ca.- If you've been wondering why the California dateline has been showing up in the dateline lately it's because I am in San Francisco following the Rutgers women's basketball team for the Targum. Right now I am in the Haas Pavilion in Berkeley, Ca. and its already been an interesting evening.
I showed up to a volleyball match between UCLA and Cal. Gotta tell you, volleyball is a lot better out here. If Rutgers had a decent team then maybe I would go to a game. The game went to five sets, ending at 7:25. Amazingly the court was deconstructed and the players were on the floor shooting around in 10 minutes. Not bad. The tip-off only moved five minutes.
But worse is the media situation. No water, no food. The press sits on a bench. I do not envy the beat writers for the Bears.
On the bright side, today was a t-shirt day just walking around the Haight. I hear its in the 30's in Jersey.

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