Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rutgers Updates

The next few days in the world of Scarlet Knights athletics...

Tomorrow: Rutgers men's basketball (4-2) takes a trip to Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton to square off against Rider (3-1) at 7 p.m. The two schools played the first basketball game ever in the arena in November of 1999, when Jeff Greer led the way with 16 points in a 74-49 Rutgers win. The Scarlet Knights will be looking for revenge after a December 2007 loss to the Broncs at the RAC.

Thursday: Rutgers football (6-5, 4-2 in BIG EAST) will look to lock up its fourth-straight bowl appearance in primetime as Louisville (5-6, 1-5 in BIG EAST) returns to Piscataway for the first time since having its national title hopes dashed by RU on Nov. 9 2006. It will be Senior Night at Rutgers Stadium and the final home game for fifth-year senior quarterback Mike Teel, amongst others.

Saturday: Rutgers men's basketball vs. Binghamton @ the RAC at 2 p.m.

We should know where the Scarlet Knights football team is going bowl-wise (if anywhere) on Sunday.

The Morning Run

Some cool links to check out while desperately trying to fight off boredom and keep your boss off your back because you didn't file your TPS reports:

This college basketball coach won over 700 games and multiple national champions, but he will be remembered for something else.

Seems like the Mayor of NYC doesn't like how the Giants responded to the Plaxico Burress incident

Michael Wilbon is not a fan of the way the Big 12 handled their epic season ending dilemma

Oscar De La Hoya now has a statue memorializing him. But it doesn't make sense to some people

The Daily Campus says that perhaps it's time to change the way you think about Connecticut basketball

Marquette has been having some trouble staying out of foul trouble

This story may be a little late, but is relevant nonetheless. Jim Boeheim, the man notorious for the 2-3 zone, is switching things up this year.

Monday, December 1, 2008

8 Big East Teams in AP Poll

This is an unprecedented feat for the Big East conference... eight teams in the AP Top 25.


The Morning Run

What a weekend of college basketball. Before we get to the links, here are a few things we learned over the last few days:
1. Rutgers is playing like a more talented version of last year's bad team. Follow this formula if you can. 2007-08 RU basketball team + Mike Rosario and Greg Echenique - Byron Joynes = Losses to St. Bonaventure and Lehigh + 26 first half points against St. Peter's.
2. This could be the year Gonzaga finally does something in the NCAA Tournament as a top seed, after impressive wins over Tennessee and Maryland.
3. Michigan St. is either vastly overrated or the Maryland's season will be a bigger roller coaster than the football team's.
4a. Make nothing of Louisville's loss to Western Kentucky. The Cards aren't overrated, but just going through their usual early season hardships
4b) Western Kentucky is still good despite losing Courtney Lee to the NBA.
5) A three-point contest between Kyle McAlarney and James Harden would be thrilling

And away we go...

Have you ever wondered how Connecticut runs their 2-2-1 press so successfully. Well here is your chance

Recruiting has always been a seedy process but nowadays there are more and more ways to be the best of the worst, and coaches are finding it to be aggravating.

ESPN backs up what the Big Beast already said

After what happened to Plaxico Burress Friday, the discussion of athletes and guns has come up again. Brandon Jacobs had something interesting to say

Looks like Zach Randolph is doing pretty good in LA

Goodbye Greg Maddux