Friday, November 28, 2008

Georgetown- Tennessee

Was able to catch the second half of this great matchup and I thought I would share a few things that I learned
  • Greg Monroe is good. But not that good. He's a very talented freshman but he still has a lot to improve on. His defense is weak and needs to do a better job of using his frame. And on offense, his shot selection is sometimes iffy. If you don't have teh shot, pass it out.
  • Georgetown doesn't miss Roy Hibbert. I didn't think they would and this game backs it up. They get up and down the floor quicker and the offense is still smooth. Now if they could just get DaJaun Summers, Chris Wright or Austin Freeman to consistently pick up the slack scoring wise, they're easily a top 10 team.
  • Cameron Tatum is good. And he seems to have no weaknesses. Ok, that's not true but he played like it in the second half. He scored 14 points in the last 20 minutes and seemingly brought the Vols back from a 66-63 deficit to a 90-78 win. This kid was hitting from everywhere. His only mistake was not dunking it on an easy fast break look, on which he missed. But he made it up for it a few possessions later with a nasty transition throw down.
  • The offense is fine for the Hoyas but that D needs some work. Last year they were 4th in the country in points given up but just gave up 90 to the Vols. This is where they miss Hibbert. He did a good job of clogging the middle and forcing perimeter shots. Monroe is not there yet. And they need to improve their rebounding as they got outrebounded 30-23 by the Vols.
After the way the early season has transpired there is a definite division in the Big East. There are four tiers:
First Tier, Best of the best: Louisville, Connecticut, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Pittsburgh
Second Tier, Best of the rest: West Virginia, Villanova, Marquette, Syracuse
Third Tier, Something is missing: Seton Hall, DePaul
Fourth Tier, Have some work to do: Rutgers, South Florida, Providence, St. John's, Cincinnati

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