Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Morning Run

Happy Thursday! The best part about Thursday? That it's almost Friday.

If the Knights want to play with the big boys, they'll have to improve their transition defense.

A video preview of the Big East

Former Tar Heel Alex Stephenson's attempt to play right away at USC gets Hamadyed (denied)

The story of one Villanova recruit and his travel from Benin to Pa.

A quiet Dicky V?

Pollsters love the Big East, the NBA does not. Only four conference players are projected to be first round picks

Memo to NBA teams: getting a new team does not mean improvement. (Findings do not apply if old coach was Isiah Thomas)

Former Hun School star and current Florida State safety Myron Rolle is causing some controversey. He may miss FSU's pivotal matchup against Maryland that could determine a trip to the ACC championship game. And he's doing it because of acadmics. His interview to become a Rhodes scholar is only 3 hours before the game. Granted I do not play for his team or have a rooting interest in the game but any time a student-athlete lives up to the athlete part of his name, it is energizing to hear. But not to everyone.
He graduated from Florida State in two and a half years with a degree in pre-med and a grade point average of 3.75. He is so studious that the Seminoles’ defensive coordinator, Mickey Andrews, publicly criticized him for studying too much last year, saying it affected Rolle’s preparation for football. Rolle said the criticism was a “little unfair.”

“I gave him the benefit of the doubt,” Rolle said of Andrews. “I don’t think he’s ever sat through an organic chemistry lecture and seen just how difficult it is. He’s been through a couple ballgames, but that’s a different arena right there.”

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