Friday, October 31, 2008

Game On: Last Minute Sports Halloween Costumes

So it’s All Hallows Eve. It’s around 1 p.m., you don’t have a Halloween costume and you’re heading out tonight with no idea of what do wear. Here’s an idea: You’re really into athletics, so why not go as something based around competitive sports. This is my new list (back by popular demand) of last minute sports costumes that will really crank up your Halloween spirit. At the very least it will really bubble your Halloween brew.

If you’re going out trick or treating with a friend who’s a Rutgers football fan it might be fun to go out as Inconsistent Mike Teel. It’s a perfect setup. When you knock on the door and the lovely household owner asks who you are and you say, “Well, I’m suited up on this spooky evening as an Inconsistent Mike Teel.” Then when the lady boos you like most Rutgers fans boo Mike Teel (prior to the Pitt game) you can slap your friend who, guess what, happens to be dressed as RU defensive back Glen Lee’s helmet.

If you’re a Yankees or Mets fan you could make fun of your current situation at second base if you go trick or treating. If you go as Robinson Cano when someone gives you candy you can short arm the candy or miss throwing it into the pillow case much like the lazy Yankee. If you go as Luis Castillo you can ring the doorbell, back up 10 feet and then take a long time to walk to the door. Then say, “I have bad knees and am the oldest 33-year-old player you’ll ever see play, I’m Luis Castillo.”

It’s easy to dress up as Knicks guard Stephon Marbury. Everything on his Steve and Barry’s clothing line is about 10 dollars, and you could look just like him. If you head to Philadelphia for tonight’s Knicks game dressed as Starbury, you might even have as good of a chance to play as Marbury himself. (Yes, I know I’ve used this joke before, but it was too tempting. By the way, I have two pairs of Starbury shoes.)

On a side note, my friend and former colleague Mike New once went as Unshaven Luke Longley (former Bulls forward) to a Halloween party. No one got it.

If you have a big group of friends who are Rutgers basketball fans, you could go as all the players who’ve transferred away from the Banks over the past 10 years. But I think only Paris Hilton has that many friends.

Can someone please go to the Phillies Parade today dressed as Joe Carter just to see what happens. Although a parade on Broad Street might be interesting enough.

I always thought it would be funny if you dressed up as a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan and a friend dressed up as a rally monkey. People might get the wrong idea, heck that they will definitely get the wrong idea, but isn’t that what Halloween is all about.,, This might be unrealistic, not because it’s hard to find a monkey costume, but because it’s hard to find an Angels shirt.

Happy Halloween!

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