Thursday, October 16, 2008

And Here We Go...

Welcome to the Big Beast, your hub to the metropolitan area sports scene! I, Brian Johnson — along with WRSU Sports Director Danny Breslauer and Daily Targum Associate Sports Editor Mike Vorkunov — created this blog to provide insight, analysis and humor to all things related to New Jersey sports. That, of course, includes Rutgers, Big East, high school and professional sports.
All the best things in the world start small, and this blog is no exception. George Clooney didn’t just show up on the set of “One Fine Day” and get to neck with Michelle Pfeiffer. No, he had to pay his dues on the small television screen. Remember Velociraptors were baby raptors before they grew into flesh-eating theropods. But the Big Beast is finally up, and in the near future we all will break down sports issues through features, columns and video.
In case you were wondering who in the world is Brian Johnson — which I’m sure you did this very instant — I’m about to tell you briefly.
I was the Associate Sports Editor at the Daily Targum for two years and spent those years as the Rutgers men’s basketball beat writer. I’ve also worked for Sports Illustrated On Campus, the Associated Press and the Home News Tribune.
As the great T. Rex lead singer, Marc Bolan, once asked, “Is it strange to dance so soon? I danced myself right out the womb.” Well I’ve been covering sports right out of childbirth, so I know what Mr. Bolan was thinking.
And I’ll leave the description of the blog and myself die there and let the blog entries to follow take care of the rest.

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