Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Commissioner and more Big East blabber

Mike Tranghese, the commissioner of the Big East himself, gave a few words on what he thought is going on at Rutgers.
"When Freddy took over the program we talked. He knew that the program was going to take time and the problem that Freddy has is that the mountain is so tough to climb. Because he's staring at Georgetown and Syracuse, Villanova, Marquette, Notre Dame and those people aren't slipping. Freddy has upgraded the talent level. I think interest in Rutgers basketball has been restored to a very high level and they're gonna be better this year. The question is how much better?"
Expect a one-on-one interview with Tranghese sometime next week.

Pittsburgh's seemingly always injured point guard Lavence Fields gave an update on his current rehab.
"Its alright. It's where it should be. Obviously it's not 100 percent yet but I'm doing everything I can and I'm doing everything right, so its moving along."

St. John's head coach Norm Roberts went Charles Darwin on us when he described how tough it is to play in the Big East.
"In our league you could be playing in a 10 day span, 3 of the top 15 teams in America. There's no other conference in America that does that. Its almost survival of the fittest."
We can't quite tell if he was just using hyperbole or talking about that Jan. 3- Jan. 11 stretch where his team takes on Notre Dame, goes to Pitt, and comes home for Connecticut. Or maybe that 11 day span where the Storm face Louisville, go to Marquette and plays Duke at the Garden. Yeah, that's a tough schedule

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