Friday, October 31, 2008

The Morning Run

Happy Halloween! Hopefully Mischief Night did not leave too much toilet paper on your front lawn or yolk stains on your house, and if they did here are some links to cheer you up:

Remember that conversation about which was the worse conference in football this year? Well the answer is here and it's not even close.

The NHl is already on thin ice (sorry had to use that pun) but now former NY Ranger Jaromir Jagr says that it could be worse after the league missed out on a big chance to go global

The story just keeps getting worse for Isiah Thomas

Have you heard all those stories about how Barack Obama plays basketball? He might not be the best in the family

New Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni won some fans over with his opening night win, but it looks like the love isn't mutual

That little school down in Durham, NC is retooling and after a few down years, it may be back to its old winning ways

Have you heard the one about the NFL coach that dropped his pants at halftime

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