Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to the Big East Keno

This blog has already mentioned the new coach in Marquette twice (make that three times) but hasn't given any love to the new head man at Providence, Keno Davis. Davis came over to the Providence school after winning Coach of the Year at Drake last year. In his first year of college coach EVER. Now that's a pretty good freshman season.
The preseason Big East poll projects his team to finish tenth in the conference and Louisville coach Rick Pitino went one step further and called them a sleeper team that he doesn't think his team is better than. But preseason talk is just talk, but Keno Davis continued it and gave a first hand perspective about how his first few months are going.
"Teams doing well. I would rather have had more than 2 hours a week up till this past week. I think we’re doing OK. We’ve been trying to put in everything as quickly as possible then slowly breaking it down piece by piece because we need to need to get off to a good non-conference run. We can’t worry about the conference right now. We gotta worry about our first game."
That non-conference schedule is ten games long and includes two BCS conference teams in Baylor and Boston College, and a strong mid-major in Rhode Island.

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