Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Morning Run

On the first run of stories this surprisingly snowy morning (who had Oct. 28 as the first day they would look outside in New Brunswick and decide they need to call Mr. Plow?), there are a few interesting piece of news:

Georgetown alum Patrick Ewing Jr. learned yesterday that he did not make the final cut to make the NY Knicks roster. So another Ewing let go by the Knicks, and this time they didn't even manage to get an over-the-hill Glen Rice

Remember all that talk about the NJ Nets leaving East Rutherford for beautiful Brooklyn. Whoops. No work has started on that arena, and owner Bruce Ratner is finding it hard to find investors in a $900 million development in the middle of a semi-recession. And the NY Daily News reports that Ratner may have tried to sell the team. Could things get any worse for Nets fans? Yes, the first time Vince Carter is out 2-4 weeks.

Dick Vitale released his top 40 team back in September
, it just wasn't found till now, but Dicky V is only another among a line of pundits showing the Big East some love. Three teams in the top six, seven in the top 16, and nine overall.

SI's Arash Markazi was able to catch breakfast with John Wooden, and it produced a great reader for those wondering what the Wizard of Westwood is doing in his retired days

Looks like former Marquette coach Tom Crean is making good in his first months at Indiana

The Washington Post has a story on the beginning of Midnight Madness

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