Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bracket Busters

In case you may have fell asleep and missed the late night madness that took over the NCAA tournament let's take a look.

No.12 Arizona went wire-to-wire knocking off No.5 Utah 84-71.
No.13 Cleveland St. hammered an overrated No.4 Wake Forest 84-69.

And then there were overtime thrillers.

No.12 Wisconsin defeated No.5 Florida State 61-59 on a layup by Trevon Hughes with two seconds left.

In the game of the night No.9 Siena worked two overtimes to eliminate No.8 Ohio St. Siena led only once during regulation and that was at 3-2 after point guard Ronald Moore (#25 above/courtesy of AP) stuck a three with seven seconds left to tie the game.
And it wouldn't be the last thing Moore had to say. The junior delivered again in the second overtime period with another three, this time with 3.9 seconds left to give the Saints a 74-72 victory. Evan Turner had a chance to send it to a third overtime, but his runner rimmed out as the buzzer sounded.
This sets up an intriguing matchup between Siena and top-seed Louisville. The Cardinals had a tough time with Morehead St. in the first half before pulling away. The Saint showed that they can bang beating Ohio St. in a Big Ten style game (poor shooting and physical play), but you have to wonder if they have any legs left after playing two overtimes.
Siena will be game against the Cards, but Terrence Williams and Samardo Samuels are too lethal of an inside-out combo and bury the Saints late. The Pick: Louisville 75 Siena 64

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Anonymous said...

Whatever dude!! Whoever you are, Kyle Franko, you must have been at a completely different game because they got their rears handed to them just after the 2nd O.T. started. And could you spare us the commentary about how the condition of the athlete's legs, given a possible 3rd O.T.!! Duh, I think we know that dude it's not like you are the only one who has ever pondered the various factors that enhance or impede an athletye's performance in a live game, and remember that its a legit game, with an audience, not a procatice game with just coach, and there is a performance element that you missed as part of the reson for the outcome. Think mr. Franko, think!Man, if you are gonna write about a game, make sure that, 1, you were actually there, and, 2, that you OFFER SOMETHING in your blog, or really, why bother, when I could have my six-year-old sister tell me about the same game, in much of the same way you have done here for all of us. Your comments are just a bunch of smack Franko! So if you talk it, you must also walk it.. so do you man? Are you just a big walking lying inauthentic smack-talker? I assume you must be. Get professional in your head before your hand hits the keyboard (after it has been down in your shorts, ha ha) and lead the way with some conviction and some gusto, or just get outta' the way bro!

-Cody Rasmussen, die-hard fan of sports; knowledgable blog-writer (unlike this mr. Franko character)!