Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bracket Blowouts

How does the NCAA tournament follow up last night's late-night overtime thrillers -- with blowouts of course.

Top seeds that were slow out of the gate (Memphis and Villanova) proved why they were high seeds and UConn just kept rolling. The Wildcats jumped all over UCLA, physically dominating while routing the Bruins 89-69 (and playing in Philly didn't hurt).

So much for looking vulnerable for Memphis. The Tigers blew out Maryland 89-70 and again look Final Four worthy.

UConn topped its 40+ point beat-down of Chattanooga by steamrolling Texas A&M. The Aggies looked great against BYU, but they fell behind the Huskies early and with 11:21 remaining it's UConn up 72-50.

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