Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A couple games that could be close...

We'll be providing updates on games and thoughts as the Madness starts tomorrow at noon, but before you submit your bracket, remember to be careful with a couple first-round games.

I'm not saying these two teams will win (I actually think both will go down), but I have a strong feeling that this pair of teams will not be out of their respective games at halftime.

No. 14 North Dakota St.-- All the pundits are raving over this team and I guarantee you maybe three of them have seen the Bison play in person. Last year, I had the pleasure of watching Ben Woodside, Brett Winkleman and company at the RAC and they are a special team. With four 5th-year seniors and Woodside's 60-point game cemented in North Dakota basketball history, they will give Kansas all the defending champion wants to handle. There will be no Bucknell repeat though... damn you, Wayne Simien.

No. 15 Binghamton-- Don't sleep on the Bearcats. Don't worry about what you read in The New York Times or saw on Outside the Lines. D.J. Rivera and Tiki Mayben could both play in the Big East. When Malik Alvin thinks before he drives, he can be dynamic. If Reggie Fuller gives Lance Thomas fits underneath and the long Binghamton guards play smart perimeter defense, Duke will have to play a tentative second half. They don't want D.J. Rivera becoming the next Eric Maynor... oh, ouch, I went there.

It all begins TOMORROW!

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