Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big East Tournament notes

Some interesting notes from the Big East Tournament so far.

  • The game tying shot by Georgetown to tie St. John's is one of the worst last second possessions ever. Chris Wright dribbled into the corner, isolating himself away from DeJaun Summers and Jesse Sapp. Then with a timeout remaining he decides to give it to Nikita Mescheriakov. Who by the way is shooting 29% from beyond the arc this year on 42 attemts. Needless to say he looked confused in the corner, with no where to go. He then put a shot that hit the top of the backboard and put an embarassing end to the Hoyas tourney run and maybe season.
  • Georgetown note to think about. They've gone from Final Four two years ago to second round upset last year to one and done on the first day of the extended BET this year. Was it Jeff Green or JTIII?
  • There is a hand written note taped to the stats table in the media room asking to start up a donation for Mike Tranghese, presumably in appreciation of his 19 years as commissioner.
  • Still a lot of empty seats here at the beginning of the Pitt- WVU game. Especially in the lower bowl. Maybe its because people are still getting out of work or because its still relatively early. Or maybe its the economy.
  • All the coaches are wearing credentials while on the bench. Like somebody wouldnt recognize Bob Huggins if he went anywhere in the building.
  • NBA GMs seen so far checking out the action this week: Joe Dumars, Steve Kerr and Danny Ferry.
  • About ten writers huddled around a television to see the great ending to the Marquette-Villanova game on Sportscenter. Then spent the next five minutes breaking it down.

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