Thursday, February 5, 2009

Player of the Night

A lot of good games last night. Danny mentioned one a little off the radar. And truthfully, can you get more off the radar than the America East? Maybe the Summit League? But I've had North Dakota State as my big sleeper since Day One.
Tonight's player(s) of the night come from two important Big East games and an ACC game that has national implications

Scottie Reynolds. This is the Scottie Reynolds everybody expected. Running and gunning this Wildcat team to victory. Last night he had 31 points on an ugly shooting line but Nova needed every point. Of his 13 made free throws, the last two iced the game with seconds remaining. Exciting game with Providence outscoring Nova in the second half 57-45. Can people stop bashing the Friars now?

Deonta Vaughn. Oh what do we say here? Vaughn had 34 points on 5-13 shooting. Bad night from the field, that's ok. Just get to the line 22 times instead like Vaughn did. He made 19 and Cinci "upset" Notre Dame although they have the better conference record. Luke Harangody gets a shout out for dropping 28 and 14 but thats right around his season average of 25 and 13.

Miami's 2-3 zone. The Hurricans routed Wake Forest last night and Jack McClinton had 32 points but the star of the game was their zone defense. WFU is a top 4 team but they have a big weakness in their outside shooting. I'm sorry, their lack of it. So Miami threw out their ole 2-3 and forced Wake into shooting 3-20 from beyond the arc. It also took away something Wake does well: getting to the free throw line. Their 18 freebies last night was the third lowest total of the season. Not at all ironically, those three times have ended in losses.

By the way, I'm kidding. I love the America East. Give me Tom Brennan and Taylor Coppenrath any day of the week.

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