Monday, February 9, 2009

Morning Run

You've got your coffee. You're at your desk. It's those Monday morning blues sinking in. Work is about 7 hours and 50 minutes away from being over. But, have no fear, the Morning Run is here.

It looks like “throwin’ ‘bows” will no longer be tolerated in college basketball. Indiana coach Tom Crean just suspended his star player for getting a little too physical in a game on Saturday. Personally, I think that an elbow here and there is a part of the game, but repeated offenses are the bigger issue.

Do the New York Yankees always have a new apology each February? They’re sorry they’ll still have the best lineup in baseball this year…

An out-of-the-box link…. DOG SHOW.

Maybe the Falcons’ “dirty bird” dance was conjured up in a different state of mind…;_ylt=AnwmtytyeMnpMQAwvT5mvDg5nYcB?slug=ap-jamalandersonarrested&prov=ap&type=lgns

And, in the world of sub-mediocrity, the Knicks can’t catch a break this week.;_ylt=AqKpwtkNAG4QHEfmQDz.tAs5nYcB?gid=2009020822&prov=ap

Is baseball still a sport after this whole steroid scandal? To the below writer, yes it is. They still have the best hand-eye coordination in the world.

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