Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Going for Wrong for Wainwright

It's been a tough week for DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright. His team lost at home to Connecticut by 22 then went on the road to Rutgers and lost by 19. Ouch. On top of that ESPN's Pat Forde named him as one of four Big East coaches on the hot seat (along with Norm Roberts, Fred Hill and Bobby Gonzalez)
But you know what, it's been a tough year. DePaul has lost twice to annual Big East bottom feeder South Florida, including by 22 at home. They even lost at home to Morgan State. And 0-18 in the conference sounds about right.
Hell, it's been a tough 3.5 years for Wainwright. He's going to finish his fourth year with only one winning record overall. That one time came in 2006-07 when Wilson Chandler roamed the court in Chicago. Then he promptly bolted for the NBA.
Even sadder, after his team's loss to DePaul he used the post game press conference as an opportunity for all intents and purposes to petition for his job. Wainwright talked about how he was not making excuses and going with the deadly combo of this coach showing empathy, referencing how Jim Calhoun saw simmilarities in this DePaul team and his UConn team of two years ago, and talking about what ifs. Here is a quote to wet your whistle:
Everything is about retention; And please this is not an indication of what anyone said. Wilson Chandler would be a senior this year and our program would be remarkably different if he was like Sam Young. You are going to have to compete with early out guy or two, you have to be competitive. But the really good teams have guys in the wings... We have a lot of young players that every team in our league would like but the problem is that they are playing. I don't mean as disrespect to them but they play too much and too much is on them. They don't follow a normal development so you need to retain them and keep them working.

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