Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Fireworks Display

Another Rutgers - Seton Hall game and another fireworks display. And for the second straight year it came after the buzzer ended. It wasn't on the court in the form of a haphazard handshake or verbal assault on referees. It came in the post game press conference.
First came Fred Hill. After going for two points while down three, he was asked right off the bat and repeatedly in the press conference about the decision. Glibly he tap danced around the question and referred to different plays in his answer. When a reporter asked what play he wanted to run, Hill replied that he couldn't divulge the play because he had more games to play and would send along a diagram later.

Not to be topped, Bobby Gonzalez had some interesting things to say as well. He called himself a "lightning rod or lightning bolt." He then referenced John Thompson II and said he had "competitive hate," which led to the quote of the night:
John Thompson said a term years ago and he called it competitive hate. It doesn’t mean you hate someone or you are not rooting for someone to get cancer or have something bad in their life. It just means you want to win very badly. I am extremely completive and I want to win when we play St. John’s, I want to win when we play Rutgers. Some people don’t want to talk about it and they say it’s the same as any other game, I’m not that type. I am straight up and I say what I feel. In my heart, I am an East Coast guy, I’m a New York guy, I’m in New Jersey, I want to beat St. John’s, I want to beat Rutgers I want to get players from the East Coast so these games are very important to me and to our team. We have kids from Brooklyn, New York, New Jersey and I am sure the coaches feel the same way and they want to beat me bad.
Gonzo and Hill, only in NJ.


Anonymous said...

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Rick said...

hmmm I'm not sure who I'm a bigger fan of - Rutgers or Seton, but tI'm thinkin Seton..i just like the team better as a whole..
speaking of, did anyone hear about this essay contest for all the Big East Schools..competition!
You have to write up what you love or hate about your school …and the best one from EACH of the 16 Big East schools will be announced on the College Hoops page on
College Hoops
and read on-air during MSG Network’s “College Basketball Weekly.”
you have to send it to: collegehoops@thegarden.com
with your school name in the subject, full name and school name. and you can submit photos and videos.. I think I'll be givin my 2 cents..