Saturday, January 10, 2009

35 Second Shot Clock

Another Rutgers Big East loss, this one was close for about a half but then Jonny Flynn made his presence known and that was the difference.
  • Pre and postgame it sounded like Carrier Dome South. The Orange fans got there early and when Rutgers came onto the court for pre-game drills, they were greeted with a cacophony of boos. To finish the game the Syracuse fans chanted "Let's go Orange" as Rutgers fans were leaving and the game was put into the books.
  • After Arinze Onuaka put his shoulder down, drove it into Hamady N'diaye's chest and made a strong move to the basket to score and bring 'Cuse within 31-30, N'diaye was rubbing his chest going back up the court.
  • A small stretch in the last minute of the first half that perfectly explains the enigma that is Corey Chandler: Chandler gets offensive board, misses both free throws, literally takes ball away from Rick Johnson on the boards on the other end, and then dribbles ball off his knee near the basket on offense.
  • Two Rutgers luminaries at the game. Greg Schiano sitting courtside, with family. Todd Frazier recieved an ovation during of the timeouts.
  • Rutgers went four minutes and eight seconds before their first field goal of the second half.
Flynn about his dunk: "Whenever somebody makes a play like that, whether it be me or another teammate, the crowd gets into it, we’ve got a lot of fans here, and your team automatically gets into it. So I’d say it was a game-changer."

Mike Rosario about his 1-11 FG, 1-8 3PT second half: "I didn’t want to take a forced shot to put my team in a position where we would have to come back even more. They put us in a position where we had to rely on the other players on my team to make shots."

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