Wednesday, January 7, 2009

35 Second Shot Clock

A new segment debuting in the new year. Following Rutgers games and other Big East games, we'll give you a quick rundown of things you may have seen during the game, seen but not noticed, or just missed. It should also take you about the length of one possession to read. Unless you've been watching North Carolina games, then don't quote us on that.
  • At the 2:17 mark of the first half Mike Rosario tries to save a loose ball on the sideline next to special, high spender seats and ends up jumping into the third row. Maybe the track team needs a hurdler.
  • Deposed Athletic Director Bob Mulcahy was sitting next to new interim AD Carl Kirschner, center court, three rows up.
  • JR Inman had a pass from Earl Pettis, that was threaded between two guys, go off his hands and out of bounds instead of what could have been an easy dunk in transition.
  • After Rutgers had made a run to bring it within seven, 70-63, Fred Hill sat down Corey Chandler and left Rosario as the only threat on the court for a 1:15 stretch.
  • Rosario started putting up shots from everywhere when the game got close (or "chucking" as the kids call it). His Pièce de résistance was a 30-footer from the edge of the block 'R'. In the post game press-conference, he admitted as such, saying : "I thought that I had a lot of time but as you can see my teammates live and die with the shots that I take. Those are shots I work on everyday in practice. If I have an opportunity to shoot it and coach wants me to, so I pulled it and it didn't go."
Stats to mull over:
RU's assist to turnover ratio for the game: 9-17
Both teams were ugly from beyond the arc. Marquette shot 2-13 and Rutgers was 6-20.
Mike Rosario is now 12-38 in his last two games
RU won the battle of the boards, 39-28
Wesley Matthews was perfect, 10-10, from the field.
Haywood, Matthews, James and McNeal scored 40 of Marquette's 44 second half points
Marquette outscored RU 21-9 on the break.
Rutgers had 18 second half points, off of 14 offensive rebounds. Marquette had just 2 points on 8 offensive boards.

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