Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Recap

12 and a half days into 2009 and it's time for a happy recap. A quick what have we learned about the Big East so far in this new year.

Connecticut- Stanley Robinson changes this team greatly. Having a 6'9" athletic freak defending other team's guards and small forwards makes scoring against the Huskies extremely difficult. If Hasheem Thabeet can show consistency, this team is dangerous like no other in the country.
West Virginia- An extremely well coached team. I haven't seen a better team of covering pick and rolls and switching than they did against Marquette. But they need to find consistent scoring.
Villanova- Scottie Reynolds is going to have a whole lot more of those nights he had against Seton Hall. When he scores big, the Cats prosper.
Seton Hall- What happened to the team that beat USC? Jeremy Hazell is becoming a prolific scorer but to win in the Big East they'll need great team performance nightly.
South Florida- at least they got Ohio State transfer Anthony Crater to join Stan Heath's team.
Marquette- This squad depends so heavily on their big four of McNeal, Matthews, James and Haywood that if two of them have off-nights then...well it won't be pretty.
Cincinnati- Deonta Vaughn what happened?
Syracuse- Without Jonny Flynn dishing and swishing prolifically, this team is middle of the pack. But wow has Paul Harris improved.
Pittsburgh- A number one ranking is great but the question to me about this team is still the same: Can this team play in March like it does in January?
Rutgers- Mike Rosario needs to learn the difference between a good shot and a chuck. Where was the improvement promised from Hamady N'diaye? Give Corey Chandler the rock and let him create.
Louisville- Were those early season swoons or are the Cards not that good? And who takes their crunch time shots?
DePaul- At least Mac Koshwal is quietly becoming a beast.
Georgetown- This team is so much better without Roy Hibbert. Now if they could just get consistency from DeJuan Summers.
Notre Dame- Can the Irish win a big game on the road?
Providence- Watch out for Keno Davis' team, they're a sleeper.
St. John's- Great win over ND but this team just seems cursed.

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